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How does a large custom furniture enterprise ensure that the sales peak is delivered on time for the mass users?

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At double eleven, the large custom furniture companies on the top ten list entered the busy production peak. The workers in the workshop have opened the best mode of overtime, and are looking forward to the arrival of the highest salary.

In the peak season, the customized furniture enterprises on demand are facing greater delivery pressure than the traditional furniture enterprises in advance.

Fortunately, after more than ten years' development and the experience of double eleven e-commerce shopping festival, the delivery capacity of Chinese customized furniture enterprises has been greatly improved, and consumers have also made a generally mature psychological expectation for the delivery time of customized furniture.

To some extent, it is due to the harsh competition and transparent electricity providers, consumers more demanding more power, custom furniture enterprises especially large custom furniture enterprises, around the delivery efforts have been very intelligent level, completely changed the people inherent to the traditional furniture manufacturing methods of impression.

Strengthening the ability of information penetration

The key to the custom home is the large data, which is based on large data.

Custom home is a consumer command manufacturer, C2B thinking, what the consumer wants to do, not what the enterprise does what the consumer buys.

Each consumer chooses the same product, so it requires a very strong information processing ability of the custom home enterprise.

Large custom furniture enterprises, all pay great attention to build their own powerful information processing center.

For example, Syman set up the MES system in the factory, and achieved the first step data collection by MES. Through the operation of ERP system, it issued instructions to every post of the production process, and made automatic and efficient intelligent scheduling.

In 2014, the company introduced TOP GP management software to build a group information management system with ERP as the underlying technology.

Snimay full house custom business executives said: "if we achieve industrial automation equipment to help the 3 stage, to achieve the 4 industry as the core of the customized product rapid delivery, real-time transmission, efficient processing also need information, which requires information throughout the whole."

Syman thinks that the custom furniture needs to evolve into the human-computer interactive production, and the data series is the key. They are making efforts in this direction: extending the front end of information chain to customer management, extending the supply chain of the back end Xiang Yun, deepening collaboration among them, and bringing more business links into the whole process of information management.

Production process is transparent and accessible

The customized furniture production process is from scratch, and is continuously optimized by different enterprises combined with their own reality, forming the production process of today's customized furniture flexibly.

Such as Zhibang factory introduced a full set of German professional production equipment, and successfully established a "raw material - processing - Inspection - packaging and delivery of the line type production process, at the same time, set up from the source of production played a flexible production information system, comprehensive quality assurance processes and complete solution to meet the personalized needs of different consumer groups at the same time, greatly improve the quality and productivity of the cabinet.

Sophia's intelligent flexible production line includes "production hardware system, software information system". Speaking of software information systems, Sophia has taken the leading ERP system in the industry, that is, the Sophia marketing collaboration platform. It can realize the online customer orders, product orders, automation system decomposition of five production bases, production scheduling into intelligent production processes, "a code to check the progress of orders, the whole process is open and transparent, not only the production management more efficient, customer inquiries order schedule is also very convenient.

It is easier to implement machines instead of manual

Furniture as a non - standard product, the former production process is mainly dependent on manual operation, and the custom furniture enterprise is gradually changing this tradition.

Custom-made furniture enterprises in the workshop are mainly plate furniture plate, to the customer's home to spelled finished products. The relatively standardized panels make some of the positions of the custom furniture enterprises more easily replaced by robots.

In the production of custom furniture business, visitors can always see the wonderful scene of robot manufacturing furniture, the operator only needs to input commands on the computer, swinging "robot arm" can replace the manual operation, quickly and accurately complete the drawing, cutting, drilling, spraying process, detection, handling, storage and use. Wide and bright and clean workshop, interactive production between machines and people, efficient cooperation, accurate and orderly.

Based on excellent information processing capability, customized furniture enterprises can always capture the market changes with keen attention, and even the subtle information that consumers stop on product pages can capture and analyze in time. So as early as the peak season, the enterprise often can do a good prediction, timely coordination of material supply and production links.

Plus, consumers have already had a certain understanding of the delivery cycle of customized furniture, so as long as the internal links are running normally, even when facing massive orders, there will be no delivery.

The pre-sale data collection, the fast transmission of information in the sale, the information application in the production process, and the robot intervention are slowly changing the traditional furniture industry.

The traditional labor-intensive industry has more sense of technology and future. Its endogenous technological power is meeting the modern consumer's rising demand.


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