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There are 51 stores in two years. The big data tells you that the furniture store "running horse circle" will continue.

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Meikailong two shop 51, actually home for two years to shop 71. The figure is still sworn into the industry, and the home store is still running on the road of expansion.

The past double eleven, a large number of "net" home brands have achieved good performance, so that the market again to see the charm of new channels. At the same time, in many dealers' view, the expansion of stores, especially the expansion of the same city, did not reduce the rent level at the same time, but they continued to divert the market, so they still opposed the expansion of stores. But from the actual situation, after the continuous expansion of the past few years, the store is still expanding Home Furnishing.

Home chain bibcock 50 stores for two years

Want to know the development trend of home sales, only need to see the leading enterprises.

Meikailong announced earlier in the first three quarters of this year has not audited financial data show that the first three quarters of this year, revenues of 7 billion 813 million yuan, compared with 2016 growth of 13.98% over the same period, attributable to owners of the parent company net profit of 2 billion 853 million yuan, an increase of 13.85%.

Redstar 2017 semi annual report shows that as of June 30th of that year, the number of 214 stores meikailong. And two years ago, the number of stores Meikailong is 163, which means that Meikailong open new stores over the past two years the number of 51.

According to the Commission released Meikailong prospectus, as of June 30, 2017, Redstar has covered 28 provinces 150 City, including 69 and 145 Commission tube self mall shopping malls, shopping malls brand library has more than 19000 brand products.

According to Frost & Sullivan data on retail sales, as of 2016, Meikailong accounted for Home Furnishing decoration and furniture industry chain mall's market share was 11.82%, accounting for Home Furnishing decoration industry and furniture shopping malls (including chain and chain) market share of 4.50%. As of June 30, 2017, Redstar's Home Furnishing store distribution is as follows:

At the same time, the chain home shop is active, and the cooperation between the stores is also common.

In October 31st, reached a strategic cooperation with Henan Home Furnishing ocalone easyhome. According to public information, future ocalone stores use the EASYHOME, ocalone "brand management. According to the data, he was founded in 1997, and now has more than ten stores, including six Zhengzhou, which has an area of over 500 thousand square meters, and has accumulated a lot in brand and operation.

As early as in 2013, the home and Wanjia home in the joint expansion of the Northwest market, and hit the "incredibly good" sign. The house was actually home 100th Stores - Lanzhou million Jiayan road is opened at the end of 2014.

At the end of September last year, actually home with the Guangdong local brand Home Furnishing Jane Home Furnishing signed a cooperation agreement.

Overall, it has accelerated the pace of expansion in recent years. The plan is to build 600 stores in the next five years and ten years in the next ten years, so as to become the first commercial brand in China.

In 2016, home market sales of 48 billion 900 million yuan, 39 billion 600 million yuan more than the full aperture of 23.5% growth in 2015, a 19.9% increase over the caliber contrast; the chain store number is 162, compared to 2015 grew 125 in 37, but also over the years, the number of stores up to a year.

In October 22nd, the Yibin store was officially opened. The store was the sixth branch in Sichuan and 196th branches in the country.

This also means that as of now, the number of newly opened stores has reached 34 this year. In the past less than two years, the number of newly opened stores has reached 71.

The home store is still "running horse circle"

From the present point of view, the home store will continue to expand in the future for a period of time.

Meikailong prospectus shows that in 2016 China's chain Home Furnishing decoration and furniture retail sales of about 597 billion 543 million yuan, while the top five domestic chain Home Furnishing decoration and furniture retailers (Macalline, home, Jinsheng Group, star group and Wuhan Ou Yada) retail sales of 170 billion 500 million yuan, accounting for Home Furnishing decoration and furniture store chain the total market share of 28.53%.

Which, as of December 31, 2016, the home in the country operates 158 Home Furnishing chain stores, the total operating area of about 10 million 700 thousand square meters, 2016 retail sales of approximately 44 billion 700 million yuan over the same period; Star Group operates 56 Home Furnishing chain stores, the total operating area of about 4 million 500 thousand square meters, 2016 retail sales of about 27 billion 800 million yuan.

On the other hand, the current domestic chain home furnishings and furniture shopping centers account for 23% of the total household decoration and furniture retail market share, accounting for 38.09% of the market share of home decoration and furniture shopping malls. 2011-2021 years of chain home decoration and furniture shopping malls retail sales and forecast as follows:

In addition to the trend of centralized selling, the continuous expansion of furniture brand enterprises also provides continuous support for the market.

USI holdings 2017 semi annual report shows that the first half of 2017, CHEERS domestic brand stores increased by 270, the number of stores reached 1504, overall, the enterprise market in the first half of the income of HK $2 billion 63 million, sales rose 48.81%.

KUKA's 2017 half year report shows that the company has achieved 3 billion 111 million yuan in operating revenue, up 54.36% from the same year, and has more than 3000 brand stores in China.

And these brand stores, more still concentrated in the home selling channel.

A quarterly Markor said in 2017, the company continued to deepen cooperation with Redstar business, with its high quality business resources, accelerate the A.R.T brand in the blank city development, during the reporting period to rapid business growth, operating income increased by 32.56% over the same period last year.

It is worth noting that this year the number of new shopping malls Meikailong first half of 14, from a year earlier plans to open 42 new stores target is 28.

In addition, according to the plan of opening shop in 2017, the number of contracted stores reached 378 (100 new businesses), and the number of chain stores was over 220, which achieved 60 billion yuan in the market.

Store concentration is limited, brand enterprises expand more than, chain home sales expansion difficult to stop.


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