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Furniture dealers decide to expand or contract the scale of business. What is the criterion for judging?

Date:11/23/2017 2:45:29 PM    Hits:374

Never take a risk, but as long as there is a chance, will strive for, this is part of the current furniture dealers voice.

The turn of the eye is four seasons, and the marketing frequency of the furniture dealers has speeded up. Perennial immersion furniture industry, has formed a fixed thinking, that is, "the last season's sprint is about the year's performance, even the next year of operation." And the "business" that the dealers talk about is to continue to expand, maintain the status quo, or scale contraction.

From the visit, the management adjustment of the furniture dealer is not as simple as the imagination.

Want to expand? I'm not really talking about it.

Before the visit, it is thought that as long as the distributor has developed a good momentum of development this year, it is naturally reasonable to expand next year. But a visit to a circle, the conclusion is: "the furniture dealer contrarian expansion or homeopathy worth mentioning, the decision is made, mainly rely on external stores and brand is the deciding factor."

Why is it that the dealer's own feelings are best suited to the market.

In the view of dealers, the era of businessmen's "horse race" is gone forever. Everyone knows that the situation of "acting a brand, opening a store, and continuing business and making money easily" has disappeared.

So, even if you earn money this year, you can't be a reason to expand next year. But if the losses sustained, and "hopeless comeback", then shrink or even quit are possible.

In the eyes of dealers, the scale of expansion will be more complicated. In the view of the dealers, the expansion of the present is no more than the two kinds of active expansion and passive expansion.

The so-called initiative expansion, in accordance with the views of the dealers, is the hand to grasp the advantage of resources, the most suitable for the initiative.

A dealer said, "for example, the location of a store, whether it is a chain store or a local store, a good business store or a business general store, so long as it is a good location, business is difficult. If you have a chance to get a good place, I can't find a reason to expand. "

As for furniture brands, this is the case. To be able to get a best brand, expansion is also inevitable.

Because of the intensification of market competition, "now the brand is more contending for dealers than before." When it comes to good brands, dealers also pay considerable attention. If the dealer can get good brand resources, the possibility of winning in the market competition will increase greatly. It is worthwhile to expand for this. "

While passive expansion, it is necessary to take a certain risk.

Or, for example, for the brand, for the distributors, to get a good brand, of course, is worth happy, but not worry.

Manufacturers are also very realistic, if the strength of the brand itself, the right to speak to the dealer will become stronger. At this time, the dealers with general management ability and inadequate expansion will be easily eliminated.

At this time the dealer is more passive. Considering the time of market cultivation, dealers often choose to "change space with time", expand first, satisfy the continuous cooperation conditions with manufacturers, until the layout is completed, and achieve the expected market target.

The two categories have the willingness to expand

"Difficult to do business, it just seems. The sales rent is rising year by year, from the upstream manufacturing cost to the terminal operation cost, it is finally to fall on the merchant's shoulder.

In the dealer's view, "as long as the time of operation is more than a certain period, no one is willing to easily exit the furniture industry." Even if the brand replacement rate is high, it is also the brand exchange within the business itself, and the real exit is limited. In fact, in addition to the novice, a large number of dealers who have withdrawn from the industry, most of which belong to the kind of arbitrage.

And according to the merchant's judgment, most people will maintain the current situation and adjust the brand at most.

For those who hold superior resources, they tend to continue to expand. Unexpectedly, although the custom home is growing rapidly, the concentration is more obvious, and the dealer is more cautious. In comparison, many of the seemingly traditional subdivision furniture markets also have many opportunities.

For example, northern Europe is simple. "To say white, the North Europe is simple to play is just needed, the price is not as high as those high-end real wood or European and American style furniture, but win in the market space. From next year, many new communities have gradually entered the delivery period, which is also the opportunity for the brand. "

The same is true in the field of children's furniture. Children's furniture market has been growing steadily these years, and it is different from most furniture categories. As long as the quality of products is cleared, prices are often secondary considerations. So as long as the operation is proper, once the word of mouth is opened, the performance will not be bad.

Moreover, in the view of dealers, children furniture now has a breakdown, that is baby furniture, "simple crib, price 2000+, latex mattress 3000+, this kind of guest price and profit, even more than the general adult furniture. Not only that, the baby furniture shop has a wider range of application, and the store can open to Shopping Mall. "

Of course, whether it is Nordic or children's furniture, it is really necessary to consider the expansion, or to get a good brand and position with reference to the above standards. "To say white, the purchasing power has always been in, to see whether the business has the ability to get the best resources."


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